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Writing-A Serious Job

Writing is more than a task.

Writing is a tool for the fast of mind as new perspectives and ideas swirl to become a material thread; you can create worlds, boost actions, change lives and lead others into your way.

A person who can inspire so important actions out of messages is a rare kind of creature. He or she is a Creator as well. There is something divine and terrible in this trade.

All over the centuries writers found their way into the fire-literally or not.

The Sacred Books have many interpretations and words became the raw matter of events.

The frightening monsters rose from politics, greed, fear, and misunderstanding. Then, violence left a trail of destruction, death, and pain on the wake. But the words in the Holy Books take the burden.

The news are full of examples and I am confident you have just now thought of one. I spare myself and your eyes from depicting them.

Words can make laugh, can push laziness aside and encourage you into a new perspective to an old problem.

When thr…

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